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16 March 2012 @ 12:05 am
FINAL CHANCE! Prices reduced!  

Hi everyone I am moving to Japan in April and in need of extra funds for I am saving up and have a few things to get before I move! A lot of the items I am selling are from in Japan but I have a few other items too~

More photos and items on my blog!

Sale policies:
* I have positive feedback here and a review here.
* All prices are in AU$.
* Items will be shipped from Perth, Western Australia within 48 hrs after payment is accepted.
* Shipping is by Australia Post regular mail (local) or air mail (international) and may take up to 2 weeks. Faster shipping methods, tracking and insurance is available for an extra cost. Sorry for the big gap between local and international pricing, shipping is quite expensive in Australia!
* Payment via Paypal within 48 hrs.
* 10% discount if you buy multiple items! Plus free gift with every purchase~
* For a reference I am a size AU10, 167 cm (5’5″), 58 kgs (128 pounds).
* All items measured flat from seam to seam.
* All items are cleaned prior to shipping except brand new with tag items.
* Feel free to negotiate prices!
* Please leave a comment if interested or have any questions
(Korilakkuma doll not included.)


Dip Drops Cape
Dip Drops
Size: Free (width 113 cm, length 55 cm)
Description: Worn only once! Bought online at Flagshop. Selling it because it is too short for me
Price: $50 shipped (Australia), $60 shipped (international)

Size: AU10 (Shoulders: 54 cm, Bust: 53 cm, Waist: 53 cm, Hip: 53 cm, Length: 83 cm, Arm length: 62 cm)
Description: Only worn twice and in almost new condition!! Super soft and warm so perfect for winter~ Features removable faux fur collar and tied waist.
Price: $25 Shipped (Australia), $35 Shipped (International)

Brand: CatWorld
Size: Free (shoulders 37 cm, bust 42 cm, waist 45 cm, hip 57 cm, length 68 cm, arm length 60 cm)
Description: Brand new without tag. Bought this on YesStyle. Selling because I never ended up wearing it.
Price: $20 shipped (Australia), $25 shipped (international)

Brand: earth music & ecology
Size: Free (Shoulders: 37 cm, Bust: 51 cm, Waist: 61 cm, Hip: 70 cm, Length: 54 cm, Arm length: 33 cm)
Description: Excellent condition. Worn 4-5 times. Bought online. The shoulders are too small for me so I'm selling it.
Price: $18 Shipped (Australia), $23 Shipped (International)

Size: Free (Shoulders: 30 cm, Bust: 43.5 cm, Waist: 45 cm, Hip: 48 cm, Length: 54 cm, Arm opening: 21 cm)
Description: Only worn once. Bought online. Again, I have problems with the shoulder.
Price: $18 Shipped (Australia), $23 Shipped (International)

Size: Free (Shoulders: 36 cm, Bust: 44 cm, Waist: 47 cm, Hip: 48 cm, Length: 66 cm, Arm opening: 56 cm)
Description: Only worn twice. Super warm and great for layering. Great condition! Too small for my shoulders..
Price: $12 Shipped (Australia), $17 Shipped (International)


Brand: w closet
Size: Free (Shoulders: 31 cm, Bust: 42 cm, Waist: 44 cm, Hip: 48 cm, Length: 132.5 cm)
Description:  Excellent condition. Worn once. Comes with a sailor collar scarf! A bit too small for my big bottom..
Price: $30 Shipped (Australia), $35 Shipped (International)

Brand: H&M
Size: UK8 (Shoulders: 25 cm, Bust: 37 cm, Waist: 34 cm, Hip: 41 cm, Length: 80 cm)
Description:  Bought second hand but in excellent condition. I never worn it because it is too small. Features contrasting peter pan collar and hidden pockets.
Price: $18 Shipped (Australia), $23 Shipped (International)

Brand: mitis (from fuuwa Green Parks)
Size: Free (Shoulders: 39cm, Bust: 46 cm, Waist: 56 cm, Hip: 60 cm, Length: 112 cm)
Description: Only worn once! Navy blue cord maxi dress~ Comes with matching scrunchie! The dress itself is quite thick and warm, so great for winter.
Price: $15 Shipped (Australia), $25 Shipped (International)

Brand: Babi Story
Size: Free (Shoulders: 35.5cm, Bust: 40 cm, Waist: 37 cm, Hip: 59 cm, Length: 83 cm, Arm length: 26 cm)
Description: Brand new with tag! Bought the wrong item for me from Gmarket when I joined a group order..
Price: $20 Shipped (Australia), $25 Shipped (International)

Size: Free (Shoulders: 36cm, Bust: 47 cm, Waist: 48 cm, Hip: 50 cm, Length: 74 cm, Arm length: 59 cm)
Description: Only worn twice and in excellent condition! The lace trim is really really pretty and it’s perfect for layering in winter. I really really like this dress but it is much too short for me (the lace doesn’t show when I layer). I hope it can go to a good home~
Price: $20 Shipped (Australia), $25 Shipped (International)

Size: Free (Bust: 41 cm, Waist: 51 cm, Hip: 64 cm, Length: 106 cm)
Description: Excellent condition! Worn twice. Great for layering and summer. Pretty lace details. Adjustable straps.
Price: $25 Shipped (Australia), $35 Shipped (International)

Brand: Miss Shop
Size: AU10 (Shoulders: 36 cm, Bust: 47 cm, Waist: 45 cm, Hip: 49 cm, Length: 81 cm, Arm length: 37 cm)
Description: Brand new without tag! Lovely cream silky material with cotton lining on the inside so it’s not sticky.
Price: $18 Shipped (Australia), $23 Shipped (International)

Brand: Keds
Size: (Men’s) 9.5 US/CA, 8.5 UK/MEX, 10 AU/NZ, 42.5 EU, 41 BR, 28.5 JP (Length: 26.67 cm/ 10.50 inches)
Description: Brand new!! I bought these shoes online thinking that they were a size 7.5AU Women’s but they turned out to be much too big for me (the size turned out to be in Men’s). I was unable to exchange them because they were custom made so I was stuck with them. The illustration was designed by Yoko Furusho and in absolutely adorable! The soft colours also makes them great for a casual Mori girl or Lolita  or Fairy-kei outfit! Comes in a cloth bag.
*Note: I bought a second pair of these shoes which turned out to be too big also (this was when I realise it is in men’s size), I have worn these pair but I may put it up for sale in the future. These are two sizes smaller than the pair above. If anyone is interested please let me know.
Price: $70 Shipped (Australia), $80 Shipped (International)


Description: Brand new without tag. Very cute felt beret. Didn’t fit my head very well so it’s up for sale. Pretty maroon/burgundy colour.
Price: $20 Shipped (Australia), $25 Shipped (International)

Size: M – for 160 cm height (Bust: 31 cm, Hip: 32 cm, Length: 61 cm)
Description: Brand new with tag. Cute floral print one piece swim suit! The cutouts and frills makes it even more appealing! (see the models ♥). I knew this wasn’t going to fit even without trying it on for I am too tall and wide-hipped for it!!   I bought it full price through a Korean shopping service. It comes with a clear plastic tote and fabric polka-dot drawstring bag! Details on the website. Adjustable straps, stretchy material, removable pads on the bust and hooks close on the back for more security.
Price: $30 Shipped (Australia), $35 Shipped (International)

Crystal Bloodlunablackblood on March 21st, 2013 10:52 am (UTC)
The asimmetric valleygirl skirt and the alice in wonderland t-shirt ^^
cin~♥cin_cin on March 21st, 2013 12:29 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately, since this is an old post, both items are no longer available for sale >.<
I'm sorry!
Crystal Bloodlunablackblood on March 21st, 2013 01:55 pm (UTC)
sob! >//< wich ones are still available?
cin~♥cin_cin on March 26th, 2013 03:36 am (UTC)
Hi! Sorry for the late reply.
I've edited the list to show only the available ones!
There are some changes though. Firstly, I will be shipping from Japan instead of Perth. I can accept the International prices for all the items (including SAL shipping), except, my Italian friend said that to ship to Italy, I will need to use EMS for safety. Is that true? If so, we might need to discuss the prices of the items! If that's ok with you :)