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A sales community for followers of the mori girl aesthetic

Welcome to mori_girl_sales, your shopping place for all the beautiful goods a mori girl or boy could ever want!

To make everybody's visit more pleasant, the moderators mparf)and (limedragon and would appreciate it if you would first read the ground rules before posting :)

♥ - mori_girl_sales is members only, with moderated membership. To gain membership, you must reply to this post with a link to at least one feedback source. If you don't have any feedback available, a verified member of the community must vouch for you.

♥ - All posts must be under an LJ Cut, except for a single image with the maximum dimensions of 300x300px and some accompanying text, to avoid clogging up friends pages, and to keep the community looking tidy!

♥ - Links to Etsy stores are welcome, but no Ebay auctions or selling journals. There are plenty of communities for that, and we feel supporting the unique handmade lifestyle fits the community aesthetic much better!

♥ - Usernames that are less than 6 months old, have no friends listed and no source of feedback will not be accepted. We understand that everyone has to start somewhere, but we want to reduce the chances of scammers out there.

♥ - No reposting within a 1 week period.

♥ - We hope you can find something you will cherish for a long time! <3

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